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Among Us 2 Dropped as Developers Promise To Make Among Us 1 Better

Among us has taken the streaming world by storm and it is no surprise to hear that an Among Us 2 was even being created. In a bit of surprising news, the developers have released a great Devblog going over the fact that they will be scrapping Among Us 2 and bringing all their ideas to Among Us 1.

It seems as if the original Among Us was written with some outdated code and sadly did not have the intention of supporting future content. Because of the huge influx of players, the developers have decided not to give up on Among Us and spend some time fixing the technical issues that were holding them back.

This obviously was not an easy choice for them to make as they will now have to go back and fix multiple parts of the code just to move forward. Lucky for the players though, this means new content as well as continued support on the original game. Here are some things we can look forward to in the future:

  • Servers. Forte is still working very hard to figure out our server issues. We don’t have an ETA but things should hopefully be getting better and better. This is taking up all development time on his end.
  • Colorblind support. It’s something we’ve put off for way too long… We plan on adding other identifiers for players as well as certain color focused tasks (Like wires). This should also open the potential for more colors. In the past, we couldn’t add more colors because it became too difficult to tell players apart.
  • Friends/Account System. This is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time but just haven’t been able to tackle. For the health of the game going forward, we’re going to sink our teeth in and figure it out! This one will definitely take some time.
  • A new stage! It is still very early and we have only just begun designing the layout. The theme has been settled on though! The next stage in Among Us is going to be a Henry Stickmin themed location

I took a quick peek into their company page over at Innersloth and found out they literally have one developer. Forest W. is listed as the only developer on the website. So please make sure you give this man and his team the time they need to make the best possible game they can. This is a tremendous effort as well as truly a fan service from the team.

What do you think?

Written by beardeddyno


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