Bungie Is Handing out Bans for Pc Destiny 2

Bungie Is Handing out Bans for Pc Destiny 2

Apparently, if you breathe incorrectly on the screen you increase your chances of being banned!

Bungie seems to be on a PR machine roll with all the amazing things they are doing with their gameplay! Recent reports have been showing that permabans have been issued if you are using an overlay or cheating software! Some of the cheating software that could be bannable are:



Overlays in:




Hardware monitoring Software:

MSI Afterburner

EVGA Precision XOC

As you can see, most of these programs are some of the worst possible programs you could use! According to Bungie, “Permanent account bans are only implemented with rigorous checking to ensure that the innocent are not punished alongside the guilty. Bungie does not comment on or discuss individual account restriction or bans.” I guess you should just eat the $60 to $100 dollars you spent and just accept the fact that you are a cheater!