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Destiny 2 Xbox Series X Load Times Looking Amazing

Early reports of performance for the Xbox Series X are coming up as the embargo has been lifted and damn do things look great! Loading times have significantly been reduced with the new NVMe SSD and a thing to note is that this performance is with the current unoptimized build.

The Verge has done a whole writeup found here that shows off various games as well as their load times. Tom Warren even recorded a video illustrating how the new NVMe SSD really makes a difference.

This pretty much mirrors the experience I am getting on my PC, so this is a welcome change for Xbox players. PS5 players I cannot comment on as Sony has not allowed these kinds of test just yet. Sony has been stating that PS5 will be getting a custom SSD but without hardware or numbers, it is a complete guessing game at this time.

I also will be excited to see what happens after a performance patch for both the PC and Xbox is released as this may usher in even faster speeds. Of course that is just speculation but exciting none the less.

Now we just wait for confirmation from Bungie on if Destiny 2 on Ps5 and series X will immediadly be available at 4k 60 frames or if they will release and ‘optimized’ version that just displays those numbers. Time will tell.

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Written by beardeddyno


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